Hario V60 02 'Kasuya' Ceramic Coffee Dripper


Hario porcelain gutter for brewing coffee by overflow. A model of a limited series created in cooperation with Kasuya Tedtus – World Cupion Brewers Cup 2016, the most prestigious competition in coffee preparation by alternative methods. The grooves in the inner wall have been designed so that the water flows slowly and the extraction is complete. Design size: V60-02. Colour: black. Material: Hario ceramic v60-02. Allows you to prepare 300 to 500 ml of coffee once. The ceramic version is a stylish design available in various colours, which will certainly be a decoration in any kitchen. In addition, it has a very good level of heat retention. The conical shape and special grooves on the inside of the dripper ensure an excellent water flow. A plastic teaspoon is also included. Use to prepare delicious coffee, we need a high quality freshly ground coffee, a filter, your favorite cup or waiter, and your weight. The filter is placed in a dripper that we place on the dish from which we are going to serve coffee. It takes only 3-4 minutes to prepare the infusion.

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